Tuesday, April 15, 2014

You might be a Common Core Wreck Part 2

1. It's Monday night and you are once again subjecting yourself to another tortuous Common Core

2. Your middle-schooler gets detention for passing out opt-out forms on school grounds.

3. You've been to so many school board meetings that they had your name engraved on a chair.

4. Kinko's asks you "More opt-out forms for you today?" the minute you walk in the door.

5. Your kindergarten child is overheard telling a classmate that she is "unilaterally opposed to high stakes testing."

6. The people in your school's office refuse to make eye contact anymore and take your form without saying a word.

7.  The district curriculum developer refers to you as "that woman."

8. Your high school kid unfriends you on Facebook because you keep posting the link to United Opt-Out.

9. You keep your hand up at meetings and they NEVER call on you

10. Teachers tell you stories off the record and make you promise never to tell ANYONE ever...

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