You Might Be A Commoncorewreck....

re: apologies to Jeff Foxworthy

  • You find yourself absently scribbling “WTF? WTF?” on your kids’ homework assignments.

  • Your middle school kid cries constantly and it doesn’t have anything to so with boyfriends, makeup, clothes, texting, or puberty.

  • You buy tons of frozen dinners on sale so you’ll have time for homework.

  • Your elementary school student brings home an “F” in math, but you notice the answer to every problem is correct.

  • The teachers at the local margarita bar Happy Hour refuse to look you in the eye.

  • Your kid’s new “aligned” textbook weighs more than he did at birth.

  • You feel like a loser every time you try to add two columns of numbers together and your child says, “That’s the wrong way.”

  • You’d rather clean out the refrigerator than help with homework.

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